Simple tips that will make a difference in every single cup of Mastertons Coffee you drink.

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Clean Coffee Pot

A clean pot is essential and can make a world of difference in the taste of your coffee. Old oils from previous batches of coffee and soap residue left on the pot makes coffee taste bad. Baking soda and water work well for cleaning coffee mugs and pots. Be sure to rinse extra well, so no residue is left behind.

Clean Filtered Water

The water you use for your coffee will affect the taste more than anything. Coffee is 99% water so use clean filtered or bottled water free from chlorine and other minerals that will affect the taste of your coffee.

Use Fresh Quality Coffee

Quality Masterton’s Coffee will consistently produce better tasting coffee. For the best results use whole bean coffee and grind the coffee beans just prior to use. You might think it’s an inconvenience compared to ground Masterton’s Coffee, but once you’ll taste the difference.

Drink your fresh coffee right away for the best flavour. Coffee will break down quickly if left on a heat source. Coffee should never be reheated or microwaved.

Use an opened bag of Masterton’s Coffee within a week. If you’re grinding your own beans, also use the grounds within a week to ensure full flavour and to prevent odor and flavour contamination.

Only the best coffee beans make it from the fields to the drying and roasting plants, and finally, to the Masterton’s Coffee bag. Masterton’s Coffee Bean quality and its treatment on the way to the bag both affect how it tastes in your cup.