58mm Aluminium Tamper


Aluminium Coffee Tamper 58mm



Before Terry Z. designed the all steel tamper, he worked on this aluminium billet tamper. Lighter than the steel, it has a good fit and finish, with a Derlin plastic insert.

The Coffee Tamper is one of the most important tools you will ever buy for helping to make coffee when using ground coffee beans.

For most commercial machines the best tamper to have when utilising a double filter basket is one which has a 58mm diameter and has a convex bottom.

There is a tendency for people to want a 58mm diameter tamper, as they believe that the base should occupy all the space at the top of the basket.

After many years of experience using different machines and baskets we know find ourselves agreeing with that tendency, however this is only if the bottom of the tamper is convex, as this allows for a correction in compression.

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