Bialetti Seals




Bialetti Seals Keeps your Bialetti stovetop coffee maker in top working order with genuine replacement parts from Bialetti.

To ensure proper function, keep your Bialetti stovetop coffer maker in top working order by using only genuine replacements parts from Bialetti.

How to find the right size gasket.

  1. Remove gasket from coffee maker.
  2. Measure the outside diameter of rubber gasket.
  3. Choose correct chart based on the design of your coffee maker.
  4. Reference corresponding coffee maker based on gasket measurement.

Bialetti  Sizes

Moka Express 

  • 50.8 mm = 1-cup
  • 63.5 mm = 3-cups
  • 71.4 mm = 6-cups
  • 80.9 mm = 9-cups
  • 88.9 mm = 12-cups
  • Each Pack comes with 3 spare seals and a spare metal filter

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2 Cup, 3 Cup, 4 Cup, 6 Cup, 9 Cup, 12 Cup

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