Biodegradable Black Paper Straws


Biodegradable Black Paper Straws are a perfect alternative to the awful plastic straws in circulation that’s polluting our land and oceans. These paper straws are manufactured from paper in various beautiful colours and patterns and are 100% certified food safe. Each straw is 8mm in diameter and 195mm in length, best suited for milkshake or smoothies that require a thicker straw.


Biodegradable Black Paper Straws

Biodegradable Black Paper Straws are stylish black straws don’t look particularly different to their plastic alternatives and importantly are fully recyclable, biodegradable and completely food safe. Unlike lesser paper straws of inferior quality, these straws are actually 3ply thick and have been rigorously tested to ensure that they’ll remain in a decent condition way past the average drink consumption time.

Choosing a viable alternative is important, both for the environment and for customer’s perceptions of your business.

Biodegradable Black Paper Straws the voice against the plastic straw is becoming ever stronger and many companies are now pledging to ‘Refuse the Straw’.

Plastic can then take around 500 years to break down — with so much of this ending up in landfills and increasingly the marine environment, this is a problem that cannot be ignored.

In light of this, this collection of paper straws is an answer to the market’s demand for an environmentally friendly alternative to the ubiquitous plastic straw.

These Black Paper Straws are made from bamboo and wood pulp and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Coloured with soy ink and adhered with food grade glue these straws are perfect for restaurants, pubs, and bars that are looking for eco friendly alternatives to harmful plastic products.

This resilient, high quality product ensures that customers won’t be left with a soggy straw after a just few minutes!

Continuing ‘bad press’ regarding the use of plastic straws