Gater Coffee Bean Grinder


The grinder is highly durable, featuring a conical ceramic burr, similar to what you would find in a professional electric grinder.


Gater Coffee Bean Grinder

Gater Coffee Bean Grinder puts back in touch with the process of making your daily coffee. This hand-cranked grinder is an expert at helping you create the perfect grind for your favourite brew.

From pour over to espresso, the Gater Coffee Bean grinder creates a smooth, consistent grind every single time. Just add whole, freshly roasted beans to the top, and crank the handle, grinding slowly to minimise the spray of half ground beans.

  • Lightweight, portable, hand-cranked coffee mill with a rubber base for non-slip grip
  • Ideal for travelling or camping, and easy to clean
  • To change the grind, remove the handle and the gear stopper and move the gear, to adjust the grind
  • Clockwise for finer grinds, and anti-clockwise for coarser
  • To clean, take all the pieces apart and wash them under the tap, dry and put them back together again to avoid losing small parts

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