Hario V60 Paper Stand


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Hario V60 Paper Stand


This is dishwasher-safe ceramic Hario V60 paper stand. Store V60 paper filters in your kitchen and display them for easy and quick access. This item will not improve the taste of your coffee but will surely make your brewing experience a bit easier. Brewing coffee is much easier when you do not have to search for your V60 paper filter. With this product you are guaranteed to avoid that.

Hario V60 Filter Paper Stand Design

The Hario V60 paper stand has a simple but pleasant on the eye design and will fit into any type of kitchen environment. The ceramic body ensures high durability and so you do not have to worry about replacing the stand again any time soon. For easy and convenient access to your V60 filter papers use the Hario V60 paper stand.

Hario Range Server Includes :

      • 1x Hario V60 Filter Paper Stand
      • Ceramic Body
      • Dishwasher-friendly
      • Easy to Clean

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