KRUVE Sifter Two


You don’t have to be in the coffee world long before you start hearing about the importance of a consistent grind for optimal extraction. After all, that’s why we coffee lovers invest in burr grinders rather than compromising on cheap blade grinders. Of course burr grinders are not all created equal, and it seems the sky’s the limit in terms of the price one can pay in pursuit of a more consistent grinder. While grinding technology continues to evolve, the makers of KRUVE have decided to take a different approach.

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KRUVE Sifter Two

Coffee Grind Refining System

KRUVE Sifter – Perfecting the grind rather than the grinder

The KRUVE Sifter is an ingenious new brewing accessory that allows you to work with whatever your grinder produces and sift out any particles that are too big or too small, leaving behind only coffee grounds that are in a size spectrum of your choosing. That means you can take full control of this all-important brewing parameter, producing more consistently extracted cups than ever before

Dialling in your perfect grind

The KRUVE Sifter comes in various models, each with a set of sieves configured to a particular particle size. By using two of these sieves together inside the KRUVE, you can effectively specify a desired range of particle sizes. With up to 15 different sieve sizes available, this gives you unprecedented control of your extraction. This is why both Brewers Cup and Barista Championship contenders around the world have started to use the KRUVE sifter in competition.

Calibrating your coffee grinder

For many coffee fanatics who brew at home, the KRUVE Sifter will provide a more affordable way to get very consistent results out of a moderately priced grinder, but this isn’t its only application. Do you really know what your grinder’s settings correspond to in terms of grind consistency? The KRUVE Sifter can help you answer that question by sifting what your grinder produces and giving you a real sense, down the micron, of how much coffee is being ground in any particular range.

  • KRUVE Sifter TWO includes:
    • The KRUVE Sifter
    • 400 µm sieve
    • 800 µm sieve

KRUVE Sifter features & specifications

  • Quickly sift your coffee to a specified grind size range
  • Double sieve, three chamber sifting system
  • Comes with various screen sizes (see above)
  • Comes with suggested brewing parameters for most manual brew methods
  • Made of aluminum, stainless steel, bamboo, and rubber
  • Easy swap of different screen size – clicks into place
  • Easy to use and clean

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