Melitta Double Wall Glasses




Melitta Double Wall Glasses

The brand Melitta stands for the expert balancing of tradition and modernity – with the goal of offering extraordinary coffee enjoyment in harmony with the heartbeat of the times.

In its over 100 years of company history, Melitta Group has revolutionised preparation of the popular hot beverage again and again: from the invention of filtering coffee with paper in 1908, the first finely ground, vacuum-packed coffee for filtering in 1962, and the introduction of the first electric filter coffee machine to the German market in 1965, to the patented Aromapor paper and today’s Melitta filter papers, sustainably produced according to the FSC standards.

Melitta has now gone into even a bigger market with their own Melitta Double Wall Glasses, taking coffee to a new level with a touch of Elegance.

These Melitta Double Wall Glasses are designed to keep drinks hotter for longer without burning your hand to the touch.

Not only are these Melitta Double Wall Glasses  designed for hot drinks but they are also designed for cold drinks without leaving those rings on your table if you do not have a coaster.

The Melitta Double Wall Glasses  all come in sets of two and they are dish washer safe.

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80ml, 175ml, 300ml

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