Slo-Jo White Symphony Powder 1kg


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Slo-Jo White Symphony 1kg

Easily mixed up to make a variety of drinks  The possibilities are endless, and the variety never ending. These are not your average powders, and are gourmet in every way . Prefect for hot or cold drinks.

POWDERS: Serving it COLD in a 350 ml glass: 1 clear scoop (50 g) = 20 servings of powder 1½ clear scoops (75 g) = 13 servings of powder 2 clear scoops (100 g) = 10 servings of powder

Serving it HOT in a 240 ml latte glass: 1 red scoop (25 g) = 40 servings of powder 1 yellow scoop (30 g) = 33 servings of powder

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Weight 1000 g

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