Urnex Grindz


Unbleached Micro Fiber Filter


Urnex Grindz

The world’s first and only product for cleaning coffee grinders, Grindz Grinder Cleaner is a patent-pending innovation launched in June of 2005.

The product is an all-natural, food-safe, gluten-free, organic and flavor neutral combination presented in coffee bean shaped tablets. Grindz quickly and effectively removes stale coffee residue and flavored coffee odors from the internal burrs and casings of coffee grinders.

Requiring no grinder disassembly, Grindz users simply run the product through the machine just like coffee.

Urnex Grindz Directions

1. Empty all coffee from grinder.
2. Add Grindz Grinder Cleaner. Use 40 g (1 cap full) for espresso grinders or 80 g (2 caps full) for shop grinders.
3. Adjust grinder to medium setting and operate.
4. To purge, repeat above process twice with coffee.
5. Repeat if desired.

Note: Dust may develop during grinding and is harmless. Wipe particulates from hopper, spout, and doser. Keep container tightly closed and dry.


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