Woodlands Morph Mug


The mug reacts to the heat and like magic watch the mug transform.

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Woodlands Morph mug made from porcelain and with thermographic ink, when you fill the cup with your hot drink.

The mug reacts to the heat and like magic watch the mug transform from a dark night time woodlands morph mug theme where the animals are hiding away, into a colourful daytime woodland morph mug theme.

Which tells you that your hot drink is the perfect temperature ready to drink!

And when the mug turns back dark you know it’s time to make another drink, which means no more spitting out cold tea when you’ve been busy in the office!

This clever little mug is not only super cool, it makes a great gift for a friend or tea loving relative, as well as a colleague at work, after all the amount of tea that’s drank at work they might as well get some fun out of it too!


  • Mug changes colour when a hot drink is added
  • Changes from night scene to a day scene


  • Height: 10cm
  • Width: 12cm
  • Diameter: 9cm

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