Grindripper GD-2


The New concept of coffee grinder –  The Grindripper

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The new concept of coffee grinder – grinder & drip brewer are connected as one. 2 types- 1-2cup & 3-4cups. purely made in Korea

Blackwine, a professional coffee appliance maker has introduced the Grindripper GD-2 that combines a coffee grinder and drip brewer together. Grindripper GD-2 is made of environmental-friendly materials and can be carried around anywhere with you as it is designed in a compact size.

Grindripper GD-2 is a new concept of a coffee appliance that puts a compact mini-grinder and dripper together. Grindripper GD-2 is 100% safe from a strong heat and an environmentally friendly product, which is safe from environmental hormones and any harmful substances that could cause any types of cancers as it is purely made of Tritan.


– Purely developed with domestic technologies

– Environmentally friendly materials used – Tritan

– Pursuit of a compact size of a coffee machine

– You can carry a grindripper  anywhere you want

– Easy to control a level of grinding coffee beans

– Easy to clean up a grindripper

– Stainless and ceramic materials are used to prevent rust.

– Keep the original taste of coffee as ceramic materials cause least heat from grinding.

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