Krups F203 Grinder


Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder.

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If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive and reliable coffee grinder, the Krups F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is the one you want to buy. The performance, ease-of-use and durability of this Krups coffee grinder.

Breaking it down


Consistent grinder. The KRUPS F203 electric coffee grinder is widely considered a top-performing product, with owners noting that it grinds coffee, spices and seeds finely and evenly. There are no settings; you press the button for as long as it takes to achieve the grind you want. Owners say the results are uniformly consistent. Some point out that the model’s design (an oval shape with a flat lid), also promotes fast and even grinding. In addition, it does not produce excessive coffee dust, which can lead to a brew that resembles “sludge.”

Ease of use

Simple and versatile, but can be messy. Users say the Krups F203 Grinder is fast and easy to use – just plug it in, pour in the ingredients, click on the lid and press the button. However, many users note that ground coffee tends to spill out of the unit when the lid is removed. Some have devised ways to avoid this, such as turning the unit upside-down after grinding is complete, tapping the unit lightly against a countertop to release all the ground coffee and then opening the unit so the lid becomes the coffee receptacle. Many also say the unit can be inconvenient to clean, as some ground coffee, spices or seeds could remain beneath the blades. Some suggest buying a nylon brush and brushing out the grinder between uses. Others advise purchasing separate grinders for coffee, spices and seeds to avoid flavor bleed between grinds.


 We saw many reviews from people who have owned the Krups F203 grinder for years and say that it’s still going strong — and performing just as well as the day they got it. It feels sturdy and solid when in use, owners say, and there are very few reports of malfunctions. It’s small and light; easy to store in a cupboard, but attractive enough to leave on a counter; we saw many comments about its “stylish” appearance. The capacity is small, though, only three ounces, which isn’t enough for some. This grinder is available only in black.

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